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Our whole team has been part of the community for many years. We have walked the path with MCreator. When we heard that Pylo the founders of MCreator had plans to discontinue the application some of our members got together and formed MCToolkit, a reserve team for when MCreator does become discontinued.

However, the story does not end there are a handful of team members on our team who also help Pylo while we are waiting for MCreator to become discontinued. Goldorion, SomeoneElse, Player Max, and NorthWestTrees all are lead contributors for MCreator and have been actively helping with the MCreator application in some way or another.

We also have larger plans to hopefully one day expand outside of the Minecraft community and possibly make a game or two in the far future, however, this is only a dream of our team right now we are focusing mainly on keeping the MCreator community alive.

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Our goals are mainly to continue the development of the parent software called MCreator once the development stops for that application. We see ourselves as a fallback option for the community when this happens.

We will be focusing on adding new features and tools to the application and possibly expanding outside of the Minecraft community.

MCreator's main goal was for education so it makes sense that this is at the forefront of our goal list as well, we will focus on documentation for the application and possibly new tools to help people learn coding in Java.

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Client 4


I have contributed to the project and MCreator community for many years now. I mainly make tutorials for the software. In my spare time, I also manage the website and website finances and help with major decisions with the other admins.

Client 1


I have been part of the MCToolkit team for a long time. I have been a moderator for the official Discord server, helped with the old website for coding and managing plugins, and have been promoted a few times once to team manager and then to the admin team.

Client 7


I have been part of the MCreator community since August 24, 2016. I have worked on several major projects during the time we have not been actively working on MCToolkit for Pylo the founders of MCreator. I have helped make some big decisions for the community and will be one of the developers later on.

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