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MCreator Halloween Mod Contest 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

MCToolkit is hosting a special modding contest for Halloween.

The theme is anything that is "spooky".


You may work in teams if you like, it may help get the content made before the deadline.

It is also possible to use existing mods you have or a completely new mod made with MCreator. You can also work solo if you prefer.

Posting and Submitting Your Mod

The mods must be published on either or

You can use our Discord server to submit your mods in the channel "event-contest-submit" OR you can submit them here on this blog post comments section directly on our website if you are unable to join our discord, either way, is fine we will be reviewing both locations for mods.


Some ground rules for the submissions.

1. Must provide three screenshots

2. Must provide a paragraph description of your mod.

3. Must provide a URL where your mod is posted.

4. Don't use this blog post for discussion.

Winning Perks

- Free video promotion on the MCToolkit YouTube channel.

Submission Deadline

All submissions must be in by October 24th, 2022.

Voting Process

Mods will be scored based on the screenshots you provide and any additional screenshots you have on your mod pages of the two sites above for the following.

Quality Points (1 - 10)

The quality of the textures and models of your mod will be rated under the quality point system.

Quantity Points (1 - 10)

The more content you show in your mod in the screenshots the more points you get.

Theme Points (1 - 10)

The theme point is how well your mod fits with the "spooky" theme we have chosen for this contest.

Total Points (Quality + Quantity + Theme Points)

Your total points for the mod will be scored and posted on October 31st, 2022.

MCToolkit Team Judges

  • NorthWestTrees - Discord Admin

  • SpiDrone - Discord Moderator

  • ShadowDragon - Discord Moderator

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