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Answers your burning questions!

What is MCToolkit?

MCToolkit is a branch off of the MCreator software.

What does MC mean in MCToolkit?

We don't really know, MCreator used MC thing MC for MCreator was for Minecraft some thought it was for Mod Creator so we really never assigned a meaning. Let's just call kit Magic Code Toolkit

Are you working on MCToolkit?

Currently, most of our programmers are helping Pylo with MCreator through contributions.

When will you start working on MCToolkit?

To ensure the transition from MCreator to MCToolkit is stable we need to know when MCreator is done with development. We don't really have an idea about that at this time.

What is MCreator?

MCreator was a program that was made by Pylo to make it easy for anyone to make personal mods for the game Minecraft.

Is MCToolkit a organization or a product?

Simply put we are an organization under the MCToolkit brand but also it's the software name too.

Do you have any other projects in the works.

We have some minor things in the works, we want to make a game or two, and we have some other software ideas we are trying out.

Will MCToolkit be for Minecraft version 1.X.X

Currently, we do not know what versions we will have for a release, it will be either the current version or a future version of Minecraft.

Will MCToolkit be open source?

Under the GPL 3.0 Licence, all software requires the same licence restrictions so we will be using the same system as MCreator right now once we release our first version.

Will there be a way to submit issues or feature requests?

Feature Requests can be shared on our website forum. Issues will be available to submit on GitHub once we have released of the first version.

Can we donate to MCToolkit?

Donations are welcome, donations will go towards the website and future funding for things we need money for.

Will we be able to upload our mods to MCToolkit's website?

Due to filespace, we will allow links to third-party sites such as CurseForge or GitHub through dedicated forum threads.

Will we be able to link our social media sites to our mod forum threads?

This should be fine as long as it follows our guidelines.

Will MCreator Workspace work with MCtoolkit Workspaces?

We have taken that into consideration, and yes due to us waiting for MCreator development to finish we will be able to ensure that workspaces after that point will be able to be migrated to MCToolkit.

Will MCToolkit be Free?

Due to legal reasons, MCToolkit will remain free.

How can we help MCToolkit?

If you know programming in Java and possibly other languages or know how to make 2D/3D games we would love to have you on our team. Send us an email or contact us on our Discord.

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